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Prices start from:

  • Living Room/Lounge - £55

  • Bedroom - £50

  • Hallway & Stairs - £65

  • Multi-Room and Whole Home discounts are available.

Carpet Cleaning

Fast and affordable carpet cleaning service. We aim to provide professional carpet cleaning service removing 90% for all dirt and bacteria embedded deep into your carpets.

We use a wide range of professional cleaning chemicals and equipment, some of which includes a Numatic GVE370  Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner that is ideal for getting rid of stains and spills on carpets and upholstery. The PowerFlo pump system injects deep into fibres to leave fabrics and floors spotless. With the built in HEPA filters we can remove allergens from the air as we clean.


The i-Scrub 21B from i-Team provides double-disc action with the flexibility to scrub areas in a vertical position.

Equipped with an adjustable head and 360 degrees of free-range motion and a powerful engine, it's a brilliant machine that allows us to scrub any surface with extreme power.

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